SAP Fiori Embedded Deployment

We will tackle the information of SAP Fiori embedded deployment. Also, let us learn the importance of deployment and where it will deploy.

What Is SAP Fiori Embedded Deployment?

The deployment of SAP Fiori is an integral process that involves configuring the SAP NetWeaver system and customizing the applications (SAPUI5). It also consists of creating a user profile and defining how to access the SAP Fiori applications. 

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We will also learn about how to access the SAP Fiori application by using OData.

Important Points Of SAP Fiori Embedded Deployment

Following are some important points of SAP Fiori embedded deployment. You can either deploy the default version or a customized version of SAP Fiori. 

So the default version is known as the UX 5.0 or UI5, which is self-contained software. SAPUI5 is used for developing user interfaces in various end-user frontends. 

The customized version is known as UX 5.0 or UI5, which is highly flexible and comes with pre-configured themes and layouts. SAP Fiori embedded deployment can either be executed from an ABAP system.

Or from an OData source application (for example, Web Dynpro frontend). Deployment can either be executed from a separate server or an existing SAPUI5 frontend. 

It can be executed directly from an ABAP system or via an APO connection profile (for example, via SOAP/REST). In case you are using an APO connection profile.

So you will have to provide all authentication parameters necessary to establish a connection. Between the ABAP system and the OData source application.

In case you are deploying SAP Fiori on a standalone server, you will have to install it on Windows Server 2012 R2. And use Microsoft Internet Information Server 8.0 as a web server and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 as the database server.

SAP Fiori Component’s Deployment

In this section, we will learn about the different deployment components of SAP Fiori 5.0 and where they will be deployed. Deployment components are as follows: 

  • SAPUI5, SAP NetWeaver Gateway
  • SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment
  • SAP NetWeaver Composer
  • ABAP system

So the deployment of SAP Fiori 5.0 depends on the ABAP system. And we will learn about them in detail in different sections of this tutorial.

SAP Fiori 5.0 Components

SAP Fiori 5.0 is divided into two parts: SAPUI5 and the SAP NetWeaver Gateway. So SAPUI5 is a UI layer, which uses JavaScript to create user interfaces that run on the client as well as on the server-side. 

So it is an independent software package that can be installed on multiple servers for load balancing or high availability purposes. It is also scalable and can be updated very easily without any impact on other applications running on it.

Also, it provides a complete enterprise solution for implementing a rich user experience. It is with the consistent look & feel across devices and browsers. 

It consists of various features such as wizards, themes, layouts, and a rich text editor with HTML5 based editing experience support. So it has its application server called the SAP NetWeaver Gateway (NWG). 

The NWG is a service provider that exposes OData services to client applications. Such as Web Dynpro ABAP frontends or mobile applications (Android/iPhone) or web browsers (Chrome/Firefox/Internet Explorer). 

It also supports security features such as authentication and authorization. That is provided by the ABAP system it runs on top of (for example, SAP Business Suite).