Sap Fiori Embedded Deployment Guide

We will have a guide on how to do the Sap Fiori Embedded deployment. It will help us to have a proper knowledge on the process of the SAP Fiori application.

What is Sap Fiori?

Sap Fiori is a new user experience (UX) for business applications. It is a key component of the SAP HANA platform and is delivered as an application for all SAP NetWeaver platforms.

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Sap Fiori extends the power of SAP HANA to do the following:

  • deliver an intuitive,
  • responsive user experience across all devices,
  • making it much easier for employees and customers to work with SAP applications

It provides a great user experience on all devices. Including the following:

  • Smartphones,
  • tablets and
  • desktops,

So it simplifies the navigation and interaction with SAP systems, and offers new ways to interact with SAP applications.

It gives a complete solution on the various functionalities of SAP application by providing the following options:


Which provides users with an overview of their tasks and information. They need at any given time. The dashboard thus helps in bringing together most relevant information in one place.


Which allows users to explore all objects available in an application and access detailed information. It is about them whenever needed. Users can also create new objects and fulfill new tasks through this explorer.

They can also share objects directly from the explorer itself. This way, users are able to use existing information more effectively. As it makes better use of their time by saving time on looking for information.


Which helps users in organizing their tasks into projects. Users have control over all related tasks in a project through this feature. So that they can manage them better by keeping track of what needs to be done next.

They can also collaborate with other team members by sharing these projects as well as other objects inside them. It is within a team workspace or directly with other users outside their team workspace whenever needed.

It allows for a better communication between team members. Also, reduces mistakes and misunderstandings during collaboration due to incorrect or incomplete understanding of shared content.

As a result, overall efficiency is improved within the organization. As well as between different teams working together on a project.

In addition, users can add comments to specific parts of an object. In order to create discussions within a project or share feedback about the project.

Overall with different people across different teams. When needed without having to send emails or use other means of communication.

The purpose which increases the efficiency further although it can increase the amount of data being shared at any given time. In addition, users can assign tasks or actions to others within a project.

This way of working allows for better control over tasks and projects.

It also brings in a new way of working for users. As they can take part in the project, whenever they want to. While still being able to use the existing tools and methods of doing their work.


The end of the SAP Fiori Tutorial. I hope you like the article. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you for reading!