SAP EWM Rapid Deployment Solution

The section will tackle the SAP EWM rapid-deployment solution. It will discuss the process and the following deployment solution that you can use.

What is SAP EWM?

SAP Enterprise Warehouse Management (EWM) is a repository that stores and manages structured data. It stores all enterprise data including transactional, master data, and reference data. The ERP system, including Master Data Management, uses this warehouse to load data into it.

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The EWM uses several tools to distribute and manage the data in the warehouse. These tools include:

  • SAPNetWeaver BW for SAP HANA
  • SAPData Services for SAP HANA
  • SAPBusinessObjects BI platform
  • SAPLandscape Transformation Management (LTM)

Business Objects Information Delivery Platform

All these tools integrate to form the integrated delivery platform for the EWM. This enables you to create a highly automated and scalable enterprise data warehouse that can store all your enterprise data in one place.

This will help you provide BI services as well as support for decision-making and analysis across all departments within your organization. All these functions are done by using the following tools:

Business Information Warehouse (BW) for SAP HANA

This component is build an enterprise-wide model of the master data objects. These are things in various source systems. Such as ERP and Business Suite systems.

Including CRM systems. It also serves as a central repository for storing all types of master or reference data objects. The business information warehouse helps you manage, integrate, and maintain enterprise data using powerful analytic applications. Such as predictive analytics and text analytics. It is run on the HANA platform.

Now that we have seen what the SAP EWM is and its features. Let us now see what the SAP EWM rapid-deployment solution is.

SAP EWM Rapid Deployment Solution

The SAP EWM rapid-deployment solution is a solution that aims at helping the organization to develop and deploy an enterprise data warehouse. This helps in simplifying the business processes by gaining more insight into the data.

This is done by using a rapid deployment framework. Which was previously known as SAP Information Lifecycle Management

Rapid Deployment Solution(ILM Rapid Deployment Solution). This rapid deployment framework helps in deploying the SAP EWM infrastructure on-premise or in the cloud.

This provides you with a solution to quickly and easily deploy a highly scalable and flexible enterprise data warehouse. This helps you to do the following:

  • Create,
  • manage, and
  • maintain the enterprise data warehouse

It is for storing and managing all your data for reporting and analytics purposes.

SAP EWM Rapid Deployment Solution Components

The SAP EWM rapid deployment solution consists of a set of components that together help you in developing an enterprise data warehouse.

These are:

  1. One-time setup activities

The one-time setup activities include creating a target environment on-premise or in the cloud. This includes:

  • configuring a HANA server for use as the target system for storing your enterprise data,
  • setting up a central configuration model for your target system, and
  • creating an environment on the HANA Cloud Platform (HCP).
  •  Deployment utilities

The deployment utilities are for deploying the enterprise data warehouse into your target system. This includes:

Repository Manager: It is used for creating and maintaining the configuration model in HANA.

Configuration Modeler: This is used to create and maintain configuration models in HANA. These are based on industry best practices such as the ACID-based data model.

Data Loader: It is a command-line tool that helps you import and export your data between various source systems and the enterprise data warehouse. It works with the SAP Data Services for SAP HANA to onload source data into the target system.