SAP Deployment Server

What is the purpose of the SAP deployment server? So we will tackle the following Information about the SAP deployment server and the importance of this today.

What Is A SAP Deployment Server?

SAP deployment server is one of the most important things in the SAP deployment process. The SAP deployment server is a tool that is used to deploy the SAP system in different locations.

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Like different client servers, networks, or geographical locations. The advantage of the SAP deployment server is that it can be used to deploy multiple installations from one central SAP installation. 

And also it saves time and cost for SAP deployment. It is a great tool for deploying a large number of clients. 

It was designed by SAP for large-scale deployments where a single installation can be used. So it is to deploy multiple instances on different servers or networks.

This is an important concept which we will discuss today. We will also look into the importance of this concept and its purpose. 

Let’s see what these are and how they are useful in the SAP deployment process.

Deployment Server Overview:

A deployment Server (DS) is a central database that will act as a repository for all the instances deployed from it. Every instance deployed from the DS needs to be aware of the DS to access its information and database objects. 

It uses a repository structure to store all its database objects on itself. So that it can be accessed later when needed by other instances. 

It does not contain any application data but it contains system objects like tables, columns, views, etc. It is for accessing later on by other instances. 

Also contains information about other instances like user-ids, passwords, applications available, etc. Hence every instance deployed from DS must have a connection via interfaces with the DS instance.

So that it can access its database objects and other information whenever needed. The DS is hosted on some specific machine.

It will never change throughout the entire lifecycle of an instance deployed from it. The main purpose of DS is to make an environment where different SAP instances can connect.

It is through this DS that they can retrieve information like application data, user-ids, passwords, etc. Whenever needed instead of having all this information stored in individual servers or machines.

So where they are being deployed and stored if they are not connected with DS directly or indirectly. It is through interfaces as we have discussed earlier in this topic. 

Deployment Server Benefits: 

There are many benefits which we get using deployment server which we will look into below: 

1) Deployment server is used for saving time and cost in the case of large-scale deployments. Many machines and servers are being deployed but their installation is not done manually by someone but it is automated. 

Since every instance of this deployment server will be connected, it will save a lot of time as well as cost. It is because of large-scale deployments.

So it is hard to control different instances and make changes to them if needed. 

So if we deploy all these instances from one center then we can easily manage them. We can even make changes in the whole environment if needed by deploying the same changes in the deployment server itself.

2) It helps in maintaining consistency across different machines or instances which are deployed from it. Since every instance is connected, we can make changes or updates on one machine without affecting other machines. 

So whenever a change has to be done, we can do it on one machine, and later on, all machines will get this new change.