SAP Data Migration Tools You Must Know

There are several SAP data migration tools that exist; and of course, some are better than others.  You need to have at least one of the  data migration tools of this nature at your disposal. That way, when any migration needs come up, you will be able to move your data to where it needs to be.

SAP Data Migration Tools You Must Know

Legacy System Migration Workbench

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The Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW) is one of the data migration tools that you need to know about. You can use the LSMW to migrate data from one SAP system to another. You can also use it to move data from a legacy system to a SAP system.

Before you use the LSMW, you will need to define the source and the target structure. You will also need to perform field mapping as well as specifying the location of the source file. Once you perform these tasks, you will use the LSMW to read data, convert it into the target format and then import data to the R/3 database application.

LSMW is one of the more popular migration tools that you can use to transfer relatively large volumes of data. It is therefore, quite convenient. However, the limit is 40000 data, so bear that in mind too.

Winshuttle Transaction

Winshuttle Transaction is another tool that you can use for SAP data migration purposes. This tool is a great option if you want to transfer larger volumes of data  because you will be able to do so quickly and accurately.

You can extract data into Excel or Access from your legacy systems and then clean it up and transform it. After that, you will be able to load it into SAP. The direct upload of data into Excel prevents manual entry. This in turn enhances the accuracy of data that is transferred.

With the Winshuttle Transaction tool for data migration, you can create templates. These templates can then be used to automate the migration processes required while still benefiting from the SAP authorizations and security. You can also use the tool to create web-based services from the recorded transactions. Winshuttle Transaction allows for up to 91, 000 data transactions. The tool works with many versions of Excel up to 2003.

SAP BusinessObjects Information Management Solutions

The SAP BusinessObjects Information Management solutions are a combination of tools that are used for data migration. The tools allow you to access the source data structure and clean the data to your liking. Using the migration tool, you can extract data mapping, transform, and load it via the web. This allows you to collaborate with others who are working in remote locations.

The data can then be moved to its destination, where it will be integrated while still maintaining its high quality. The tool allows for scalability too.

Bottom Line

Data migration with regard to SAP is something that you must do with care. The integrity of your data must be preserved even as you work to remove redundancies. That is why you must ensure that you utilize the best SAP data migration tools at your disposal.

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