SAP Concur Deployment Toolkit

There are lots of ways to use the SAP Concur deployment toolkit. So we will discuss the following information and its importance of it.

How SAP Concur Deployment Toolkit?

The SAP Concur Deployment Toolkit is a collection of small, easy-to-use, ready-to-go JavaScript tools, That help you configure and deploy your web applications with just a few lines of code. 

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Once your frontend application is ready, you can easily use the toolkit to perform tasks like:

  • Create a new SAP Concur web application in an existing or new instance
  • Upload your frontend files
  • Create users in SAP Concur and set up role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Set up refresh schedules to keep the content fresh
  • Implement Google Analytics tracking code and other analytics tools in your application

Use the toolkit to configure and deploy the entire application onto Concur’s system. The toolkit is designed to work with any frontend framework. 

What Are The Most Important Features Of Toolkit?

In case you are wondering about features of the SAP Concur Deployment Toolkit. Then we can tell you that the following features are very important:

The toolkit is easy to use with just a few lines of code. It is highly customizable and there is no need to know anything about SAP Concur. 

The toolkit supports any frontend framework like AngularJS, React, or VueJS. It can be used with any front-end framework to deploy your application in Concur Online. 

The toolkit can be used with any backend framework like Node JS, ASP .NET, or PHP. The toolkit supports authentication through OAuth 2.0 with Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Advantages Of Using The SAP Concur Deployment Toolkit

If we talk about the advantages of using the SAP Concur Deployment. Then we can mention the following points:

SAP Concur Deployment Toolkit is a collection of tools that helps you to create an app in SAP Concur and deploy it without any hassle. You can create new apps and use existing apps as templates for others. 

It has a built-in library of reusable components that can be added to your applications via a simple command-line interface. It comes with more than 30 pre-built components.

Also, it can be used to quickly build applications like user profiles. Also, calendar and appointments, messaging, settings, and much more. 

You can use any frontend framework to build your application with the help of this toolkit. There are no restrictions on which frontend frameworks or languages you use while building your application. 

You can choose from AngularJS, React, or VueJS among other frameworks supported by the toolkit. Also, use non-framework-based applications built using JavaScript or Node JS while using the toolkit for deployment into SAP Concur Online. 

You have complete control over authentication methods supported by the toolkit. It includes OAuth 2.0 with Google, Facebook, and Microsoft for your web apps in SAP Concur Online. 

The toolkit is also scalable for large-scale deployments without any downtime as it uses services. Like Azure Blob Storage and Azure SQL databases for storage of content.

And also data from various users from a single source at lower costs in terms of storage space and deployment cost. It comes with a load balancer that distributes the workload among various instances of requests.