SAP Cloud for Sales Overview

The main motivation behind any given sales force automation concept like the SAP Cloud for sales is often to embrace a technology that will not only enable you to empower your workforce through lucrative training opportunities, but also engage your customers in a way that is not limited by geographical location or availability of time. This is mainly why cloud computing is steadily becoming the fastest growing technology in the business world. As more and more businesses get to appreciate the significance of being able to conduct sales and marketing on the cloud, the need for applications such as SAP Cloud for sales is becoming more evident. This can be justified by looking at the specific strengths of this application that make it invaluable to managers and employees, as well as the customers.

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SAP Cloud for Sales Overview


Most business-oriented applications aim to please the business owner, seeking to make their work easier or even manage the business on their behalf without really appreciating that the main concern for a good business owner is their customer. SAP Cloud for Sales has the needs and interests of the customer in mind. The application is one of those CRM tools that enable the sales force to access customer data on the go, meaning that the sales team will be able to deliver exactly what the customers need.

This application provides your sales team with refined customer data that enables them to deliver with precision by banking on the little details that guarantee good results. The people behind this unique application understand that the customer is often time-barred and the best way to get through to them is to have the right information about their preferences, interests and limitations so that you can give them a sales pitch that is not only relevant but also very interesting. With this application, all the customers are like friends as the sales team has enough data on them to understand and therefore predict their every response. This basically allows them to create the kind of pitch that consumers would not be able to resist. The key factor here is to establish a connection by allowing the sales team to have an insight into the world of their customers.


More often than not, sales people have to deal with more than one customer within a short time. This requires them to absorb a lot of information within a limited time span. With this new application, the time limits are not a problem. Owing to the ability of the employee to access the customer data over a mobile device, they have the capacity to meet up to five clients within a day, as they are able to read about the next client while commuting to the venue of the meeting. This gives the management the assurance that all the clients will receive enough attention and will hopefully be able to make a purchase afterwards. The flexibility in this application ensures that the company does not lose clients because of an unprepared sales pitch, as the information is readily available on the go.

The cloud is generally flexible in terms of accessibility, but in this case, the accuracy and relevance of the information that is available makes it especially important for the business fraternity. Other than giving the company a chance to impress their clients, the application allows you to build sustainable relationships with them as you seek to understand them better and provide the exact services or products they require. The fact that each sales person is able to customize the application to their clientele base means that they have quick access to the data they need and can therefore polish up on some of their facts during a meeting.

Global reach

Companies today are going global, and sales teams have to handle clients from all corners of the world. This application is on the cloud and definitely accessible from anywhere or at least any region that has internet connection. The application still remains inaccessible in some parts of the world but plans are underway to change this fact for the better. This means that eventually, you will be able to access all the information you require from any part of the world thus not limiting sales team or the organization to one part of the world. Being able to access the exact information that you need while on the go is a very lucrative concept for the business world, especially for the sales department, as they often have to go out of their way to meet clients during their holiday and business vacations abroad.

Integrated operations and access

Like every other great piece of technology, cloud computing does not come cheap. However, SAP goes for a relatively fair price and is seen as an affordable application based on the current market standards. This is in addition to the fact that it is easy to integrate with other SAP cloud components like SAP ERP, SAP CRM and SAP Jam. Having all these three databases to add on to your pool of sales-relevant information will provide you with a gold mine at your fingertips. With such a wealth of relevant data, you can easily maximize the potential of your enterprise by ensuring that your sales team knows how to utilize the information to the company’s advantage. The integration also implies the ability to cross-reference data and communicate within the company thus limiting the chances of mistakes and miscommunications.


With the fast growth of cloud computing today, companies are in no position to let lucrative innovations pass them by. An application like SAP has the ability to take your business to another level as long as you have the will and capacity to train and empower your workforce to use the technology effectively. Other than automating your sales functions and boosting the effectiveness of your sales team, you stand the chance of building sustainable relationships with your customers given the CRM capabilities of the SAP Cloud for sales, which is always a good thing.

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