SAP Business One Mobile App

SAP Business One mobile app provides a power to your entire team to accomplish the entire business tasks with the help of SAP business one mobile app from their android or iOS devices. It is software that enables small scale businesses to manage their key processes efficiently. It also helps in increasing the productivity of your businesses as you can manage the partner and customer contacts very well.

It also helps you in managing your entire scheduled sales activities. This is very helpful software that sends instant alerts regarding any significant events or any deviations from the approved prices. The key information of your business can be visualized excellently with the help of real time reports. With the help of this software you can also view or create orders of sales opportunities along with handling your entire service call activities. It also enables you to get the complete detail regarding the products information and you can easily monitor your inventory levels.

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This app also provides you an easy access to the backend corporate data that is stored in the SAP business one SaaS solution. ERP systems can be fraught and large as there can be large complexities that are involved in the implementation of ERP. SAP business one mobile app can also be called as the service ERP solution as you can use it on an ipad or android devices for accessing the critical data of your business from any desired location.

It is especially very useful for operations, sales and management staffs so that they can access the business information which includes:

  • Financial management data including financial and accounting processes
  • Customer relationship management data that very critical for the mobile sales for tracking potential customers, current customers and sales leads
  • Production management and warehouse data which includes recording and tracking of delivery rates and stock movement

This software runs on either iPad or iPhone as the backend alerts of this software helps a person to know about the events, profit target, credit limits and deviation from pricing. It also has a dashboard which includes sales analysis, purchase quotations, cash flow and cash flow forecast.

You can easily stay in touch with your customer and business data even when you are away from your office. You are always connected to your work with the help of your Iphone that enables you to check on customers, inventory, process approvals, receive alerts and access reports.

This mobile app provides you alerts on specific events like deviations from gross profit, discounts and credit limits, unit price, violation of limits for tax. Alert is also sent for approval requests that need your immediate action. It also enables you to prepare business reports that include the key information regarding your business. Customized reports can also be added and you can even share these reports with your clients or business partners via e-mail.

This software is also relevant for monitoring your inventory or stock levels so that you can get the detailed information of each item of your business. You can even check pricing information such as sales and purchase prices for each item of your business along with previewing the picture of every item.

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