SAP Business Explorer Analyzer Tutorial

The following is a SAP Business Explorer Tutorial for those who might probably be wondering just how to effectively use this invaluable suite of applications. As most well informed individuals would know, these business applications facilitate for effective designing, analysis and creation of reports based on the particular data stored in SAP business applications.

SAP Business Explorer Analyzer Tutorial

Effective Business Decision Making

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These functionalities can be critical in enabling users to make intuitive and accurate decisions on various facets of business operations. When it comes to making queries, SAP offers an extremely user friendly interface that goes under the name of query designer. Which you canuse to make keyword-based searches and even filter them to focus on specific parameters. Before displaying the results on the various visualization tools SAP Business Explorer offers. This suite of critical business applications comes with 5 core tools, which are query designer, report designer, web application designer, web analyzer and lastly the Business intelligence (Bi) analyzer. Let us now take a closer look at each of these applications.

Query Designer

The query designer happens to be the main tool sap explorer offers for making searches to generate relevant data. It utilizes what is known as online analytic processing (OLAP) , hierarchies, variables and customized formulas to execute its functionality based on the specific data stored in this business application. You can easily open the query designer by clicking on the start menu, navigating to programs, click on business explorer and open up query designer. You can also call up this application via the web application designer or crystal reports.

Report Designer 

This application provides formatted reports that are based on the distinct output from the query designer. It then transforms the information into easily understandable reports. You can insert charts, graphics, headers and footers to make such reports even more comprehensible and if you wish print them. The report designer is a standalone application, and you can open it up from the start menu or web application designer utilizing the context menu. It is however important to note that this application necessitates a structure in either the query or query view columns on which the particular report is based.

Web Application Designer

This is analytical reporting tool that can be optimized for online utilization. It features a what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) user interface that permits seamless integration of word processing capabilities with virtually any sap content. You can utilize this application by following the step by step instructions of the web application wizard.

Web Analyzer 

The web analyzer is a browser-based tool that can be seamlessly connected with a particular sap business intelligence (BI) system. It offers OLAP, broadcasting and exporting features.

BO Analyzer

This is an analytical tool that can be effortlessly integrated with Ms Excel for effective analysis of the information generated by the query designer. Among other features it offers drag and drop and query filtering capabilities.

Well, it is plain to see just how indispensable this suite of applications can be, and hopefully this SAP Business Explorer tutorial has been useful to anyone that wishes to use them.

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