SAP Asset Management – Benefits and Features

The following is a SAP asset management review for those individuals that may still be in the dark over the numerous benefits of using this one of a kind software. As almost everyone would readily appreciate, effectual asset management happens to be an integral facet of any business organization that relies on production operations.

SAP Asset Management – Benefits and Features

Standards based process for asset management

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With this in mind, SAP has developed this enterprise asset management (EAM) solution whose foundations lays in offering a standards-oriented approach for managing physical assets. It is specifically designed for utilization by firms that heavily depend on production equipment, machinery, facilities, vehicles and even power grids. It is widely noted for enabling such business organizations to improve operational efficiency, asset utilization and even reduce costs. This application goes one step further by facilitating for the comprehensive management of capital expenditure that spans the whole assets lifecycle.

A wide variety of functionalities that permit analysis-based business decisions

The SAP enterprise management solutions come with a wide range of tools and functionalities that enable quicker and accurate asset reporting and analytics. Which provides an ideal environment where business entities can make educated business decisions. While offering real time visibility into asset performance, risk as well as capital expenses and enhanced asset usage that comes with centralized monitoring. All of these functionalities provide for better asset performance , efficiency and dependability that is characterized by infinitely decreased disruptions in production operations.

Comprehensive management of the entire asset lifecycle

In a nutshell, this EAM software facilitates for effective and sustainable management of the whole asset lifecycle that integrates measures for cutting down on costs, improving the environment, health and safety concerns. This solution can also streamline production processes by effectually doing away with chaotic paper work , shortening work cycles and decreasing maintenance costs.

Let us now take a much closer look at some of the notable features of this product and the benefits they offer to production-oriented business firms.

Comprehensive capital portfolio and project management 

This enterprise asset management solution offers a fully integrated support for asset portfolio and capital projects management that can permit a firm to maximize its ROA. You will be able to timely approve, administer and direct your company’s maintenance capital budget according to its distinct needs. As well as optimize asset portfolios by making use of tools that give a broad insight into the most lucrative projects you could undertake. While also putting you and your team in a position to define project priorities and ensure their proper execution across their full lifecycles.

Enhanced asset visibility and performance

This software can also enable business organizations to achieve real time visibility into their plant floor operations, even if their facilities are located in different locations. Which can go a long way improving production yields, rates as well as promoting effective asset utilization. You will be able to put into place intuitive dashboards and access critical alerts that can permit you to evaluate all your firm’s manufacturing analytics.

By being able to monitor both historical and real time data, you can easily measure quality standards in your production operations and also discover newer methods of enhancing your plant/s efficiency. This product also provides access to information on equipment criticality, which enables the formulation of better maintenance strategies.

Effectual asset operations and maintenance

By integrating this enterprise asset management solution into your company’s operations, you will be able to leverage a hands on, best practices oriented approach into your production operations. Most especially when it comes to asset maintenance, which will definitely lead to significantly decreased downtimes and enhanced profitability. While also facilitating for improved maintenance planning as well as execution of preventive and corrective tasks whenever necessary.

Step up your firm’s environment, Health and safety standards 

This amazing solution can also permit business establishments to maintain their assets in concurrence with their risk tolerance and stakeholder priorities. Which effortlessly allows them to obtain their performance targets and uphold compliance with industry standards. This asset management software comes with functionalities that can heighten visibility of environment, health and safety factors that permit effective safety as well as risk management.

While also enabling the fast tracking of employee education and certification, which ensures the incorporation of consistent production processes. By using this solution business organizations can also improve knowledge transfer in the event of changes in assets, working conditions or even staff. Such entities can also significantly decrease the number and severity of incidents as this system has built-in red flag functionalities that enable prompt identification of warning signs.

Effectual energy and environmental resources management

The SAP enterprise asset management software can also play a vital role in allowing firms that use it to maximize the return on their energy investments. This is brought about by its capabilities of co-relating energy utilization with production operations. It also offers in-depth and accurate reporting functionalities on energy usage per site. All of which can greatly help in the effective management of a company’s energy demands and peak loads, enabling such establishments to procure cost effective energy. While also boosting their profitability and competitive edge.

A heightened user experience in asset management

This solution can permit you to easily provide a single user friendly interface to your maintenance staff. Which enables them to monitor equipment utilization, maintenance schedules as well as many other critical notifications from almost anywhere they may be located globally. The SAP enterprise asset management software offers the same user experience across a wide range of devices. This includes desktops and mobile devices such as smartphones and even tablets.


By integrating this solution into your firm’s production operations you can at one go ensure that all your assets are running at peak performance. As well as significantly shorten response times and integrate timely maintenance schedules. You will also be able to complete critical safety checks and adhere to safe work practices to safeguard your staff from any mishap that can arise in the execution of their duties. Essentially you can never go wrong with opting for SAP asset management.

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