Understanding SAP Analytics

SAP Analytics provides a powerful in-database analytics on massively parallel, scalable in-memory platform that enables you to process large volumes of data along with delivering new insights. It allows for the integration of the built in analytics of SAP and third party analytic tools so that the need of the users can be met.

The analytics landscape has undergone a revolution along with innovations in predictive analysis, mobility, improved access and in-memory analytics which has opened a new and improved world of opportunities. This revolution is due to the changing needs of the business as organizations are provided much more from these analytics solutions rather than to meet the reporting requirements and drive the effective decision making.

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Since every organization has an unprecedented amount of data, they want a fast, easy and intuitive access to these data in real time. This enables them to have their data on their fingertips wherever they are and whenever they want. By combining the tools of SAP analytics you can drive competitive advantage, increase revenue and reduce costs. These applications enables risk management, performance optimization processes and specific planning for individual industries.

With the help of analytics tools you can collect a huge amount of big data from your organization collectively. It also helps you to extract the meaning of every data and use it to drive the real growth of an organization. Business analytics from SAP also helps you to unleash power of collective insights by providing agile visualizations, enterprise business intelligence and advanced predictive analysis to each users on any platform or device.

SAP Analytics Solutions are comprised of the following solution categories:

  • Enterprise performance management
  • Enterprise information management
  • Business intelligence
  • Analytics applications

The notable features of SAP analytics are:

  • High performance: it helps you to run a powerful in-database analytics by leveraging in-memory columnar storage architecture and massively parallel processing of SAP.
  • Multi- engine query processing environment: it performs spatial, text and predictive analytics with the combination of different data from unstructured to location data to relational text data on a single platform.
  • In-memory and in-database: you can use SQL script for executing data intensive analytics on the platform for reducing optimized connectivity to work, application to database round trips with statistical programming environment.
  • Big data ready: you can compress the data volumes for accurate and quick answers to all the sophisticated business problems.

SAP Analytics makes a breakthrough innovation that has been possible as it is done with flexible deployment applications both in the cloud and as solutions for all your applications which includes sales, to finance, to marketing, to line of business which can be used by your organizations for leveraging a centralized source of data.

It enables fast results generation; gain competitive advantages and help you to drive revenue organizations. You can also gain new insight from the text sources with the use of full text search capabilities for linguistics, freestyle, exact and synonyms based rankings and search. It also provides text analytics capabilities like linguistics analysis, natural language processing, sentiment analysis and entity extraction.

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