Utilizing the Design Philosophy of IDoc in SAP

Importance of IDoc in SAP One of the core elements that enable the incessant flow of information is the Intermediate document or IDoc.  The IDoc in SAP is a standard data structure used to interchange, electronic data between application programs. It serves as a vehicle to transfer data within the SAP’s application systems. IDocs usually exist

How to Create a Variant in SAP – A Systematic Guide

One of the primary concerns in any standard SAP transaction is how to create a variant in SAP. Transaction variants are generally created to simplify the usage of a transaction by personalizing some features to correspond to specific business needs. SAP Variants, are defined selection criteria for a particular SAP transaction. Such variant is important

Utilizing SAP Testing Tools

SAP is considered the hub of the world economy and this makes SAP testing essential. SAP has several functional modules that cover an organization’s basic functions. The most popular functional modules include sales and distribution, finance and controls, material management, production planning, plant maintenance, and human resource. There are various SAP testing tools that an

Guide About ABAP Development Tools For SAP Netweaver Overview

When it comes to ABAP development, there are plenty of interesting aspects that need to be taken into consideration. The ABAP development tools for SAP Net Weaver are SAP’s high-tech IDE on the Eclipse platform. Not only that these tools increase the productivity of the developers by providing them with an excellent opportunity to undertake

SAP Business Objects Explorer Highlights

SAP Business Object Explorer is a godsend in virtually all the financial sphere where many business entities have for a long time been struggling with the accessing and dissemination of information. Which is prerequisite in making accurate and timely decisions concerning their crucial operations. These include marketing, human resource management, and even their asset management.