Great Video: “SAP HANA- Your Business’ Sixth Sense”

Predicting the future can be helpful for anyone. But for business executives, predicting the future can mean saving major cash. SAP HANA, in its latest version, helps businesses do just that- use big data to help executives predict what will happen so the business can adapt to those predictions- something any executives can find tremendously helpful.

How does it do it? It provides businesses fast data analytics and actionable intelligence that can help executives make better decisions for their business, easier and faster than ever before. They no longer have to face tradeoffs between high-speed results, broad and deep analysis, real-time data, and simple access- SAP HANA provides these analytics side-by-side on a single platform.

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Data analytics at such a high speed, with such capabilities, can be transformative for any industry. The early adapters will surely gain the most from this new development.

This short video presents what HANA has to offer. Now that the hype around it has begun to dissolve, do you think SAP HANA has what it takes to take cloud tech to the next level?


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