How to Find User Exit in SAP

Are you finding it difficult to find user exit for SAP standard transaction code? Are you still looking for a way to do that? The purpose of this post is to help you know how to find user exit in SAP.

If you would like to add your own functionalities to SAP standard screen without adjusting the standard program, SAP user exit is for you. Generally, the exits are collected in includes and then attached in standard program by SAP CRM. Most user exits in SAP CRM solution are tied to standard transaction codes.

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There are three transaction codes related to user exists in SAP solution. They include SE18, CMOD and SMOD. There are various ways to find your user exist in SAP CRM solution.

Method x1: Using the SPRO Technique

This method is effective when users are doing a movement type transfer from a respective store to production in the loc. Here, users are likely to auto populate plant and material number available in the text field.

You are required to go to a relevant SPRO. In the SPRO, look for proper documentation. Once you identify the correct documentation type, click the documentation button to display a list of the available user exit. You should see a list of ten user or customer exits, which SAP CRM uses for inventory management.

Method 2: Searching the standard program

Open the standard program for your transaction. Click Status, point on Programs and here you will get the name of the program. Search for the phrase Call Customer in the program. These are generally function exit.

Double click the number. You will be taken to an FM with a Z include file. Double click the file and it will grant you the ability to start editing it. At this point, you can add enhancement and find the customer exit module.

Method 3: Through the SMOD Technique

This method will help you find the user exit code in your SAP CRM solution mainly from the status command. Click the status menu and then select program. To find the package of the standard program, go to Attributes. Once you find the package of the standard program, go to SMOND transaction and search for that very package in the system utilities.

Choose the find option. This will present you with the list of user or customer exit available for the package you previously chose.

Method 4: The SQL trace technique

This is probably the easiest method. Switch the trace on in ST01. Search for the keyword EXIT to find the available customer exit.

Below is a summary of these user or customer exists: 

  • XMBF001: This is a customer exit useful for stock determination. It can change the stock determination rule and in addition adjust the stock determination item table.
  •  IQSM007: This is a serial number, which refers to the user exist for goods that are in movement.
  •  MB_CF001: This is a user exit, which updates the material document data when posted.
  • Other user exits include MBCF0001, MBCF0002, MBCF0003, MBCF0004, MBCF0005, MBCF0006, MBCF0007, MBCF0008 and MBCF0009. Each of these user exits plays a vital role in your business.

 After going through the options on how to find user exit in SAP, you can choose which works best for you.


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