Exploring SAP User Experience

SAP, the world’s leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution provides the best SAP User Experience for all business applications. SAP ERP delivers the best business applications, which make people successful at work and in business.

SAP enhances user’s experience through effective design innovation. To achieve design innovation, SAP considers three factors. These are business, human values and technology. It takes into account the viability of the business, the feasibility of the technology to use and the usability and desirability of human values. SAP User Experience strategy takes into account the nature of the existing applications as well as the new applications.

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The strategy focuses on three different angles, and they include new, renew and enable. SAP has new and attractive applications, developed and complete, ready to boost the experience of business owners and employees at their workplace. You can create a personal Care Circle, manage your My Runaway and create your personal Photo tribe with the new SAP ERP applications. Generally, SAP ERP provides the customers with Consumer-Grade UX for all the new application. Other new applications available to enhance user experience include SAP Fraud Management and SAP Cloud for Sales.

The ‘Renew’ is the other user experience strategy SAP has put in place to help enhance consumer’s experience. It is a SAP ERP Fiori strategy, and the major focus of renewal is keeping simple things simple. It takes into account effective design principles, which guarantees convenience, easy interaction and efficiency.

SAP design principles include role-based, simple, responsive, coherent and instant value. The role-based principle decompose the design into task based-experiences, instant value helps to reduce barriers to adoption, coherence helps to build applications that speak the same language and responsive design takes into account all screen size, device, versions and channel.

To date, there are over 150 SAP Fiori applications in store, and each touch on core aspects of business. Examples of the types of SAP ERP Fiori applications include Transaction application for task-based access, SAP Smart Business for insight to action and Fact Sheet for search and exploration.

Other solutions include Finance, Asset Management, Industry, IT, Procurement and Sales & Marketing applications. You can harmonize the User Interfaces of your SAP ERP solution to make the use of the applications easy. If anything, this can help enhance your experience as you interact with the application.

Enable is another SAP User Experience strategy. SAP enables customer specific value scenarios. It is a Do-It-Yourself solution targeted to meet your specific needs. Further, it has Application Development tools, User Interface Theme Designer, SAP Screen Persona and NWBC & Side Panel.

The SAP User Experience Design Services impacts business value through these benefits:

  •  It saves the cost of training
  •  It helps to increase user adoption
  •  It helps to increase enterprise productivity
  •  It is perfect for reducing all the errors that could have otherwise be caused by users


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