How to Enter Goods Receipt in SAP

If you are taking advantage of business management software to keep track of inventory in your business, it is important to learn how to enter goods receipt in SAP.

Goods Receipt in SAP Overview

Goods receipt is a feature used to post delivery of goods from external vendors or production units. The use of good receipt can help a company to improve its warehouse stock. Companies used the R/3 system offered by SAP to manage their inventory. This system helps them to differentiate between good receipts that refer to a particular order or reservation. It can also be used for other goods receipts.

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You can only enter the goods receipt once you have received all the documents that are supposed to accompany the goods. It is also important to ensure that the delivery was from the specific order that you are entering.


Select the good movement option from the software. Click on the good receipt and select the order option. This action will open an initial screen. Once the screen is visible, you will be required to enter some data. Include a header data, which include general details about the document.

Select the specific movement type. If the goods that have been delivered are destined for a warehouse or usage, the movement type is order to warehouse. This is reflected as movement type 101 on the software.

After the movement type is specified, enter order number. Select Goods receipt, click on Create w. reference, and then choose the To order option. This will open a dialog box that allows you to enter as particular criteria such as material and plant. The criterion makes it easy to for an inventory manager to identify a specific order.

Click on the Continue option. This will list several orders that correspond to the criteria you have entered. When you have this list, you can choose individual items on the order. You the items are selected use the Copy feature on the system to adopt them.

A selection of items will appear in a list. The list will only have the items that meet your criteria. If you only included a single item, it will be the only one featured in the list. You can choose the items that you want to copy into your document. The screen that appears at this stage allows you to modify the data to add or eliminate some items. Copy all the items that you have selected and then post the receipt.

Purchase Order

It is important to note that the steps you follow to enter a goods receipt in SAP is similar for a document used for a purchase order. Once you post the goods receipt, the quantity is updated and reflects as quantity produced in the order. This process also sets the order process to goods that are partially or fully delivered. In a situation where the purchase order does not exist, it is still possible to enter the goods receipt. The system will come up with an automatic order from the vendor. When you post good receipts for purchase orders it is possible to include items that you need to return to the vendor.

It is easy to keep track of the goods that are delivered by a vendor using the automated process. Entering goods receipt in SAP has simplified the inventory process.

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