How to Download and Install SAP GUI

Before understanding how to download the SAP GUI, it’s important to know what it really is.

Well, SAP GUI is basically the client of in the 3-tier architecture of SAP R/3, which includes the client, database and application server. It’s therefore software, which runs on an Apple Macintosh/Unix desktop, Microsoft Windows. It also allows various users to access the functionality of SAP in all their applications such as SAP Business Intelligence and SAP ERP. In addition, in a company network, it can be used for the purpose of remote access to their central server.

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Where Can You Download SAP GUI?

SAP GUI downloads is available for the Windows and Java (TM) environments as well as for HTML or ITS (Internet Transaction Server. However, it requires Firefox or Internet Explorer as an officially supported browser. This means that the SAP GUI doesn’t officially support other browsers apart from the two.

In Internet Explorer and Microsoft Windows, SAP GUI can as well be used for the single sign-on. In fact, there are so many applications of portal-based authentication for this single sign-on. Therefore, it can contain a single sign-on just with an SAP Logon Ticket. Java GUI also supports the single sign-on.

However, using SAP GUI has also some criticism for the authentication to its server access. For instance, since SAP distributed software, where the SAP GUI installed on a workstation of the user is used to remotely access the central SAP server over the network of a company. In this case, users should authenticate themselves, especially when accessing it.

SAP GUI for Windows Environment

This is an implementation, particularly created for all operating systems of Windows. This implementation provides a Windows-like integration and user experience with several other applications, especially those based on the ActiveX controls and OLE interfaces.

SAP GUI for Java Environment

This is yet another environment, which is typically a unified SAP, which is fronted by multiple platforms. It’s therefore based on a Java implementation and a platform independent architecture. It gives an access to SAP applications as the major benefit, which is based on the Control-Enabling. Therefore, it was previously reserved for only Windows users. It’s also important to note that the SAP GUI for Java environment is available on Windows.

SAP GUI for HTML or ITS Environment

This particular environment automatically maps all elements of the screen in all SAP transactions to the HTML using the functions of HTML Business available within an Internet Transaction Server supported by SAP. A browser of website is enough to access almost if not all transactions. Since HMTL is a program that runs on the ITS, you can find corresponding information on the Internet Transaction Server page.

The Necessary Requirements before Attempting To Download SAP GUI

When downloading SAP GUI, first you must have an S-number in order to have an authorization or access to download options. In addition, a compilation DVD that has a complete GUI is also required. However, you should also download individual patches in respect to your chosen environment to support it to keep this GUI up-to-date.

In conclusion, to download SAP GUI requires a professional administrator to avoid making unnecessary mistakes that might lead to unsuccessful installation. If you aren’t competent in downloading and installing is therefore recommended to seek for professional help.

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