How to Create a Sales Order in SAP

If you are wondering how to create a sales order in sap than you need to follow the procedure of the standard sales order which is as follows-

In the initial screen of sap you have to select logistics then select sales and distribution and then sales

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Choose order then Create

Enter Order type and if it is necessary than select the organizational data

The values for the sales organization for the distribution channel and division are usually proposed from the user defined parameters. You can select sales groups and sales office and the entries for these two fields are optional.

The sales areas which include distribution channel, sales organization and division are derived from sold to or ship to parties. It means that it is not necessary to enter the required sales areas when you are creating sales documents. If you don’t specify any sales area in initial screen, then the system will use sold to or ship to parties that you have entered in your overview screen for deriving the sales area. If you find more than one sales area for any particular sold to or ship to parties than you need to select the right sales area in the given dialog box that will enable the system to copy the selected area into the given entry screen.

Choose enter

Then enter the following data

Sold to party or ship to party

If you enter ship to party, then the system will use it for determining the sold to party and if required, the sales area. If you find several sales areas or sold to parties for one single ship to party, then a dialog box will appear where you will be able to select the one field that you require. If you enter sold to party that is unique ship to party, then automatically the system will copy it in the same manner and will inform you in status bar.

Material number

Customer purchase order number

Order quantities for materials

1. Choose enter

For example- if you have defined several ship to parties or several unloading points in the master record of the customer of sold to party, the system will also display the alternatives in the dialog box. The system will display the alternatives for all or any of the following data


Unloading point

Bill to party

Ship to party

2. Select valid data from the proposals by positioning the cursor on line and then choosing choose

As soon as you select this data, the material data entered by you will be displayed. Then the system will carry out availability check for finding out if there is any insufficient stock for the order item for delivering on the requested date, it will display a screen for which you can select between the several delivery proposals.

If you wish to enter further data for the items or header, choose corresponding menu entry. If you want to change the data for the items than select items before choosing the menu entry for the data.

Enter all the data

Save your documents

Packing information in the sales order

You can specify the proposal for packing in sales order. You can also decide the way you want all the individual items to be packed at the delivery time. This information will be copied in the delivery during the delivering processing and can also be changed.

For entering the packing information in sales order

Choose extra then packing proposals and these are the steps of how to create a sales order in sap.

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