The Complete SAP Lumira Guide

Previously known as SAP visualization intelligence, SAP Lumira is a very powerful self-service business information visualization application. What makes this tool stand out from the pack is its unmatched flexibility in the creation and analytical representation of large volumes of business-related data.

Without the endemic complexity of utilization that characterizes most similar products in the market. As most tech savvy individuals would readily know, this application is an extension of the SAP Business Explorer, which is but a basic data visualization tool. However, these two applications can still work seamlessly hand in hand, permitting users to effortlessly manipulate the structures and correlations of business data in whichever manner they deem fit.

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And then feed the altered data into the system for other users to access through SAP applications such as business explorer. This application like earlier stated presents users with an uncommon versatility of fashioning professional visualizations without the supervision of their IT departments.

The Complete SAP Lumira Guide

The SAP Lumira Desktop

One of the integral components of this application is its desktop functionality. This feature enables the effectual acquisition, manipulation and eventual visualization of virtually any business data. You can effortlessly integrate more than one data set into a single view, which can go a long way in optimizing your data knowledge capabilities completely on your own. While also permitting the visualization of large volumes of business information in real time with just a few straightforward steps.

Drag & Drop functionality, creation of storyboards and infographics 

The desktop application comes with an innovative drag and drop functionality that can facilitate for the creation of exquisite visualizations . Which can significantly assist in the accurate identification of hidden insights in a very time efficient manner. You can also take your data visualization and analysis skills to the next level by effortlessly building storyboards and infographics that you can share throughout the entire organization. At any time you wish to do so and in an infinitely secure way.

The SAP Lumira Cloud 

This product also offers up to the minute cloud-based services that enable the effective visualization of large volumes of business-oriented data without having to sacrifice on performance and more importantly, security. This functionality utilizes the SAP HANA cloud platform, which undoubtedly means that all your pertinent data is stored in an extremely secure manner.

What’s more, you will not be necessitated to make any software or hardware investments to access these cloud-based services. You can also access them via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets as well as opting for your favorite web browser. To underscore the flexibility of these services you can effortlessly share your insights to colleagues within or outside your organization’s corporate firewalls. Finally, these cloud-based services are offered at very flexible licensing requirements from which you can pick the ideal one for your firm.


It is consequently quite self evident how invaluable this data visualization tool can be to any kind of business establishment. Not only does it optimize efficiency, but also facilitates for an appropriate setting to make the best business decision. Integrating SAP Lumira into your firm’s business operations is exactly what you need.

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