Why You Should Choose SAP APO

SAP APO which stands for Advanced Planner and Optimizer, happens to be an integral component of mySAP.com suite of applications. Which though it is no longer a standalone application, can still be utilized as a solid base for many mySAP solutions. This tool is especially invaluable in effective supply chain management of any business establishment. As it provides for seamless coordination of all the major phases of such operations.

Why You Should Choose SAP APO

Accurate Determination of Your Clients’ Demand

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This application greatly enhances the visibility of processes in the supply chain, which can be critical in accurate demand planning. Which in extension enables the projection of all your client’s exact needs at any time. This naturally makes this software very essential in facilitating for an enhanced customer service, while at the same time streamlining your supply operations and also reducing costs.

Effective Supply Network Planning

By ascertaining your customer’s needs, and taking into account your company’s capital assets and existing inventories, you can formulate practical supply network planning. That can be used to make viable planning of your firm’s key operations such as production, warehousing and even transportation in concurrence with your clients’ demand. When banded together, demand planning and supply network planning can go a long way in optimizing your sales and other operations planning.

Turn Your Planning Into Reality

SAP APO through its highly varied functionalities offers pertinent in-depth, tactical decision-making support features that can assist in turning the above mentioned planning and forecasting into a reality. These include detailed scheduling and production planning. Utilizing this application can ensure that all your production assets are properly aligned to enhance heightened efficiency for your various production facilities. There is also the transport planning functionality which ensures proper utilization of your firm’s fleet assets such as devising quicker consignment routes.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

This application also offers Global available to promise (GATP) that ensures timely delivery of your products to your clients. And even assisting you to effortlessly meet client demands that surpass your firm’s inventory positions.

Effective Supply Chain Execution 

This software can be invaluable in enabling companies to monitor the transit of shipments bound to customers. Through ERM solutions that can be fed into it, you can effortless gather all pertinent transactional informationof your consignment that will obviously assist in making ongoing planning. With the utilization of SAP’s real time core interface functionality and liveCache you are ensured of accessing constant updates of all shipments throughout the day.

Effective Supply Chain Coordination

This application in collaboration with SAP Event management can significantly help in keeping track of the status of raw materials and other supplies in your suppliers’ production process. This software through SAP inventory collaboration hub, can also enable intercompany collaboration. Facilitating the effective sharing of demand planning with clients and other stakeholders in real time. All of whom can comment or even edit them to their preferences.


It is plain to see just how indispensable this application is to any firm that wishes to streamline and optimize their supply chain management. Despite the fact like earlier mentioned, that SAP APO is no longer a standalone application.

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