Best Practices of Using SAP Sourcing For Accelerating User Adoption

SAP sourcing is an application that can be used for accelerating the adoption among the users. Earlier this adoption for its customers was encouraged through the announcements of the seniors in the management of an organization. But now SAP based sourcing has made it easy and effective than earlier.

What is SAP Sourcing?

SAP Sourcing can be used to maximize the savings of an enterprise by sourcing a fast, sustainable and flexible service. It helps in increasing the benefit of time by promoting the user adoption and reducing the cost. In this way it offers a complete process of contracted sourcing management alongwith SAP SRM application which will provide various entry points and delivery options to a process and the purchasing activities can be transformed through a flawless migration method.

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Using SAP sourcing for Accelerating User Adoption

Most of the project heads review the milestones set by the senior management teams of the groups using SAP based sourcing for accelerating user adoption. Paperless application forms are used for this purpose though it is not as simples as pointing your finger on some point. Those who attended the meetings and understood the concept at first were able to communicate with their departments in a better way.

SAP sourcing can be implemented in an organization in many ways. The easiest one is to encourage its users to get into the system and use its functionality. Announcing monthly awards for the best auctions can be one of the methods of encouraging the users for re-directing management attention away from all individual spreadsheets, implementing the projects module, and tracking sourcing initiatives through other off-line methods. A status dialog on the sourcing activity can be conducted by the management, in such cases, on the basis of the extracts and reports received from the project module.

Another method of using sourcing for increasing user adoption is to create a set back for them either by restricting the number of actions to be attended or through the stake of compensation against the auction. All the individual and group buyers have to be satisfied by setting targets for the number of auctions to be run. Suppose X number of auctions will be conducted in near future so the management has to set the number of auctions attended by them individually. Though some of these auctions may not complete successfully but the responsibility of their failure can be imposed on the sourcing professionals. It can be made more fruitful if compensation for participating in auction is at stake. The buyers will be encouraged by the implementation team to achieve their target.

User adoption can also be increased through SAP sourcing by using RFx adoption method which can prove to be a better method of implementation of SAP tools as compared to other methods. This method can be complicated than other methods and may require support from the implementation team of the organization but it will allow you to implement sourcing for improving qualitative as well as quantitative user adoption.

SAP sourcing can be used successfully for accelerating user adoption.

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