The Benefits of SAP SLO

SAP SLO or System Landscape Optimization, is built to ease customer driven change within the business through an effective alignment of system landscapes. The application has a strong influence on how enterprises structure their work processes and do business on a daily basis. With the solution, businesses are able to meet the demand of the market, meet their business requirements and fulfill the need of the entire entity. SAP System Landscape Optimization enables businesses to harmonize and unify data, leverage the scenarios for sell, but and restructure and consolidate and unite systems for landscape.

The Benefits of SAP SLO

Harmonizing and Unifying Data

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SLO makes it easy for businesses to generate high quality and redundancy free data. You can even analyze and clean incorrect data on customers, partners and products. Of course, the result is improved products and customer service. With the solution, companies and businesses can increase efficiencies, optimize processes and reduce costs. SLO include prescriptive standards, which can help businesses to improve their financial reporting as well as better their accountability.

The System Landscape Optimization plays a vital role in the unification for SAP EPR logistics and operations. It helps companies to manage the changes within their system with ease no matter what the scope is.

Companies can also harmonize and unify their currencies with SAP SLO. The currency conversion options provided by SLO include generic local currency conversion, changing currencies for controlling areas, profit center accounting, parallel ledgers, operating concerns, changing group currencies and decimal point conversions.

Consolidating and uniting system landscape

SAP SLO gives companies the ability to regularly review and consolidate their landscape system. Review and consolidation helps to prevent any instances of unmanageable proliferation of systems and technologies. Regular reviews and consolidation is necessary if the objective of an agency is to reduce operational costs.

Review and consolidation involves the introduction of a single client solution or a multi client system used for data management and global reporting. The benefit of doing this is that it makes financial and sales data readily available at any time throughout the business. In addition, you can establish a standardized and uniform business processes and procedures.

SAP SLO is necessary for those who would love to consolidate their system landscape at client level. SLO has a combination of conversion rules and special technical functions, which makes the consolidation at client level possible. SLO is as great for those who would like to establish a multi-client system.

It is important to note that companies can also restructure their SAP solution for human resource with SAP SLO. SAP System Landscape Optimization, you can merge, split and redefine your HCM organization structure, leverage standardized migration technology and be able to verify the consistency and the continuity of your migrated data.

You can even archive data across your SAP environment with SAP SLO. You can relocate large volumes of data you do not need now but will need any time in the future. It is a cost-effective way of managing company data while complying with the legal requirements for long-term data retention.

With SAP SLO, any organization can keep pace with changes despite the scope.

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