The Benefits of SAP NetWeaver Portal

SAP Netweaver Portal is capable of offering a comprehensive portfolio of the innovative solutions that are based on the best in the category of portal.

The first one is the enterprise ready which is a platform that is highly scalable and has enhanced capabilities associated with it along with some tools for the end users, developers and administrators. There is possibility for opening the extendable platform for the purpose of implementing the extranet, intranet and also other mobile portal scenarios that depends on the innovative add – ons, industry standards and flexible APIs. The User Interface that is available with the portal is highly flexible and is capable of integrating business processes and there is possibility for interoperating the services that are demanded by the users.

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Consuming and Collaborating 

The SAP NetWeaver Portal is useful for the purpose of increasing the user productivity by making use of some tools. There is possibility for collaboration and also sharing contents easily. The enterprise workspace is capable of creating the pages for your own and also for populating them with the content. Wikis are helpful in performing collaborative writing and this helps in saving a lot of time. Forums can also be of greater help by sharing knowledge through communication and also by delivering the information necessary to the people interest in the same content.

Delivering Messages to Everyone 

SAP NetWeaver Portal is helpful in efficiently doing the job with the utilization of smarter tools. Web content management can be helpful for the purpose of providing the services related with the management of web content so that it can be easily created as well managed using this portal. The knowledge management is something that helps key users in easily managing the documents that are available in portal. Mashups are the other tool available that enables the key users in fast creation of the portal pages in a way by connecting with the various items of contents. The APIs and tools are helpful in allowing the customers and also the partners for easily configuring, extending and customizing the solutions.

Good for Administrators 

SAP Netweaver Portal is beneficial for administrators. This portal provides content that is simplified  for the administration of the system. The server performance and scalability can be improved to a greater extent by the usage of the SAP Netweaver Portal. There is a possibility for the integration of the application with the usage of application integrator tool. There are better tools available with the portal that can be made used for monitoring, troubleshooting and also for administration. There is no possibility for you to face downtime when you are making use of the portal. The CTS+ available with the portal can provide you with better way for transport management and proven user experience.

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