Benefits Of SAP 4HANA Training

There are many benefits when taking the SAP 4HANA training. So we will tackle the following information on how important this training is.

What Is SAP 4HANA Training?

SAP 4HANA is a new, innovative in-memory database platform from SAP. It uses SAP HANA as its foundation but also employs many additional technologies to address the needs of enterprises.

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It is with an emphasis on business analytics. The SAP 4HANA platform is designed to enable companies to make better decisions and create greater value for their customers. 

As such, the platform supports an analytical environment and can be used for predictive analytics. Also, data mining and business intelligence.

The platform allows firms to build and deploy applications very quickly. So using SAP HANA’s in-memory capabilities to deliver real-time performance. 

Its ability to process data simultaneously across three dimensions time, space (geographic location), and type of information. It makes the platform suitable for handling large amounts of data in real-time.

Who Should Take SAP 4HANA Training?

The SAP 4HANA training course is ideal for professionals. Who need to develop analytical applications using an in-memory database platform. Candidates include:

  • Business users looking to create industry-specific apps or develop existing ones further with the aid of a new technology that’s already proven itself in production environments
  • Developers aiming to master a new language (SAP HANA Development) or familiarize themselves with a new toolset for creating apps that are ready for deployment on the cloud or premises
  • Project managers aim to get up to speed on the latest technology so they can implement it successfully
  • Enterprise architects responsible for designing a new business solution based on the latest technology

What Will You Learn During SAP 4HANA Training?

During the SAP 4HANA training course you will be learning about the following and benefits from it:

  • SAP’s Digital Core.
  • Various SAP HANA capabilities and use cases.
  • SAP HANA platform architecture and components.
  • The SAP HANA development environment.
  • Development of analytical applications using SAP HANA.
  • Integration of SAP HANA with other development tools, such as SAP Web IDE, Eclipse, and Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Working with data in SAP HANA. 

What Are Advantages Of Taking This Training?

There are many advantages that you can get from taking SAP 4HANA training. So we will tackle the following information on how important this training is.

You will learn about and master SAP’s Digital Core, various SAP HANA capabilities, and use cases. So SAP HANA platform architecture and components, and SAP HANA development environment.

During the course, you will develop analytical applications using SAP HANA. And also learn to integrate SAP HANA with other development tools.

You will learn how to work with data in SAP HANA and how to get a high-level overview of the data in your system using the Data Previewer.

What Is The Prerequisite For This Training?

Your prerequisite for this training is that you must know basic programming concepts. Also, you should be able to read and write in English. 

Also, you should have some knowledge of databases such as Oracle (SQL) or MySQL (SQL). Moreover, if you are a developer or a business user who is looking to upgrade your skills with SAP 4HANA.

Then you should have some basic knowledge of the respective business area.