What Are The Advantages Of SAP TDMS?

SAP TDMS stands for SAP Test Data Mitigation Server and it is a data extraction tool that can be used to authenticate the development, quality assurance and training systems with SAP business data from the various live productive niches. It allows the user to create a lean and a consistent non-productive system by allowing the transfer of the relevant application data from SAP production system.

Therefore the SAP Test Data Migration Server can be used during the test phase of the application life cycle management.

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Advantages Of SAP TDMS

1.It Reduces The Total Cost And Increase The Quality Of The Development Work

The SAP Test Data Migration Server utilizes rules to generate an extract of the data which is about 30 percent the size of all the data set. Besides, it will still contain the same data which is essential to maintain the process and objectives of the business remain consistent. The installation of the SAP TDMS allows the clients to minimize the expenses that are associated with the infrastructure and maintenance. On the other hand, it will optimize the accuracy and the effectiveness of the non-productive systems and realize the operational advantages. Thus this will allow the company to fully utilize the non-productive systems at the lowest cost possible.

2. It Helps The Companies To Create And Refresh The Non-Productive Systems

Almost all companies fights with challenges of creating, maintaining and refreshing the non-productive surroundings for the testing and the developments. The SAP TDMS assist as it will enable companies to generate and refresh the non-productive systems. This will generate better commands which are essential for the data as it enables the companies to run consistently and efficiently on the non-productive systems. When the non-productive systems are well utilized, they can be of great benefits to the organization.

3. It Decreases The Data Volume In Quality Assurance, Test, Training Systems And Development Thus Reduces The Disk Space

This will improve the quality of the developments and the training activities as it uses the latest test data that are relevant to the business. Besides, this will ensure that the efficiency of development increases as it will reduce the time and the administrative efforts that are needed to manage the test systems and the client’s development. Moreover, before making the business critical decisions, it will stimulate the latest business states in the client’s environments by making good use of up-to-date data.

4.It Simulate The Production Environment By Making Use Of The Real Business Data

It reduces the works that are normally done after processing as it keeps the administrative data within the target system such as the interfaces, authorization and the users unchanged. This reduces the effort, time and money that would have been used to analyze the business data. This is unlike for the case where the data used for simulation are not real business data. The post processing work in this case will be very difficult as comparisons have to be done. Therefore the use of SAP TDMS will make the analysis of the production environment easier.

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