6 Tools to Skyrocket your Cloud SAP Adoption

Companies turn to Cloud SAP solutions to gain an all-inclusive portfolio of cloud solutions that streamline key business processes. While adopting Cloud SAP improves customer management, the transition can interrupt day-to-day business. Fortunately, companies can rely on different tools to help ease the transition to Cloud SAP.

1. WalkMe

Migrating to Cloud SAP requires employee training so that employees know how use the new system. WalkMe’s online guidance and engagement software guides new users as they start learning Cloud SAP for the first time. WalkMe’s contextual instructions walk new users through the system and allow them to familiarize themselves more easily with the platform. It also helps reinforce information learned during training with hands-on experience. The platform accelerates training and also helps introduce the many features available on Cloud SAP to user with a variety of skill sets.

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2. RiverMeadow

Migrating to a new office system can take a lot of time. However, many migration platforms exist that help businesses migrate legacy files to the Cloud SAP. RiverMeadow Cloud Migration software automates the transition process from any physical, virtual, or cloud resident server to the Cloud SAP. As an added bonus, RiverMeadow does not require the installation of an agent nor does it interfere with the source server. This saves time in onboarding to the Cloud SAP system.


3. Secure-24

Secure-24 manages Cloud SAP services by providing end-to-end cloud management services while adapting to changing market demands. Secure-24 transfers and implements the migration to Cloud SAP. The solution makes sense for larger businesses because it can coordinate the transition from hundreds of data centers.


4. Symplified Identity Management (SIM) and SinglePoint

Another aspect of Cloud SAP migration involves the management of employee access to files as well as file security. Together Symplified Identity Management (SIM) and SinglePoint automates identity and password security from the old system to the Cloud SAP. SIM identities users and their access availability. Then SinglePoint uses an “identity router” to transfer user accessibility and passwords securely to the new Cloud SAP system.


5. Virtustream

Businesses don’t need to manually transfer their data from the existing system to the Cloud SAP. Solutions like Virtustream cloud management software enable users to move resident applications to the cloud securely. Virtustream is certified by SAP in both cloud hosting and cloud services.


6. WinShuttle Transaction

When it comes to larger companies, migrating to Cloud SAP software can require a lot of time and management. Luckily, larger companies can depend on Winshuttle Transaction to automate the process. Winshuttle helps companies migrate large volumes of SAP data quickly and correctly. The migration process also works with legacy files from Excel or Access. Winshuttle loads data directly from Excel or Access files which saves time and avoids errors from manual SAP setup.

Adopting Cloud SAP will lead your business into the future by simplifying IT and cutting costs. While the process can prove challenging, integrating the right tools will help ease the transition so that your business can take advantage of the Cloud SAP, ASAP.

Marissa Hart is the Lead Author & Editor ShareMe. ShareMe is a blog focused on SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online delivers the powerful features of SharePoint without the associated overhead of managing the infrastructure.