5 Top SAP How to Videos your Boss Hasn’t Seen

Being one of the leaders in the ERP world, there is a good chance your organization uses SAP to catalog and track their inventory.

SAP is a very powerful, albeit at times hard to understand software suite. That is why in this article I have included a short list of some very useful sap how to video tutorials.

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Learning to be efficient with SAP how to videos can make you a valuable asset to many companies.


1. SAP tutorial for beginners

This is a good introductory SAP how to video by sap-school.com. They include a general overview of what SAP is and some of the history involved with the development of its line of software products.

The video then transitions into basic navigation through the software. You’ll complete basic tasks such as logging in, logging on when there is already an active user, opening multiple windows for parallel use etc. This is a good tool for complete newbies to the program looking to get their feet wet.

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2. Live Demo of Simple Finance and Simple Logistics in SAP S/4HANA

Presenters give a live demo at TechEd showcasing the new SAP S4/Hana simple logistics and finance features available. 250 million sample data points are included in the sample database for the demo. Powerful algorithms in the new Hana database allow future data to be predicted and extrapolated.

Live tutorials presented to real audiences tend to have more energy than pre-recorded solo tutorials where all you see is a screen and a voice. It is one of the reasons Ted Talks are so effective I believe.


3. Application Building in the SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Another live demo from the same talk at TechEd Bangalore covering SAP HANA. This time, live building an application from scratch and deploying it to the cloud in just fifteen minutes!

The process is broken down into three main steps. The first is creating an API (Application program interface) from the backend data, creating the app, then deploying onto a mobile device.



This is actually an entire suite of videos provided by sap-training-hq.com that introduce programmers to Advanced Business Application Program (or ABAP).

ABAP is a high-level programming language developed by SAP themselves. As SAP were the ones that developed this language back in the late 80’s early 90’s when ERP software really began to take hold in the corporate world, and given the advanced features and capabilities ABAP provides, SAP has consistently stayed market leaders in the field of ERP.

ABAP programmers remain in high demand, and mastering some of these enterprise architecture techniques could prove to be in itself a lucrative career. Even for the non-programmers, watching some of the intros to ABAP videos could make you more familiar with SAP functionality and a more valuable asset to your organization.

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5. Sap Tutorials at Lynda.com

For those that don’t want to piecemeal together shorter videos of specific SAP techniques, LinkedIn company Lynda.com provides entire long form, step by step tutorials. These are 2 -3-hour videos that walk users through SAP functionality at a slow, easy to follow pace. The disadvantage, of course, is that this takes a long time, but this resource is there for students that prefer this style of learning.

Well, that is all for SAP how to videos. Do not forget that the best way to integrate knowledge is to practice as much as possible with the actual system.

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