5 SAP Blogs You Must Read

Today we’re here to introduce the top 5 SAP blogs you must read. The idea here is to help you get up to date information about SAP trends and get connected with the top minds in the industry so that you never miss any updates posted on those great knowledge sharing platforms. These blogs publish posts on new technologies introduced in the SAP enterprise resource planning business segment.


Driving Business Value Through UC - Sap-ebook-banner

This is one of the most active and live SAP blogs that industry experts like to participate in. The featured blog posts in HANA showcase all latest SAP announcements. When you subscribe to the blog, you get all latest SAP innovation updates provided right in your email inbox. HANA, which was released by SAP in the year 2011, performs an excellent real time data processing. This blog also shares topics on new ideas and technological improvements accomplished by the top minds from the company.

SAP Business Innovation

This blog is really a great resource hub for professionals who chase dynamic business ideas, career enhancement tips and industry top stories. If you care for a broader horizon that can give you great industry insights, don’t think twice. This is an ideal destination for professionals like you. You’ll be able to get great ideas on SAP implementation and updates on the improvement of customer service experience in different industry verticals through their posts. Ideally speaking, this blog can be the best guide in terms of providing information about SAP and business process integration.

Business Analytics Blog

A blog has to be an up to date source of information, especially if it’s regarding technology or industries that are highly dependant on the technological developments. If this has to be the uncompromising criteria, we would like to talk about the blog “Business Analytics”. The innovative mind who drives the success wheel is Timo Elliott. You’ll see him talking about different SAP solutions. His posts often accompany graphical images and stats to help you understand the hard facts in an easier manner. This is one of the 5 SAP blogs you must read.

Blog By John Reed

Did you ever get a chance to read a post from John Reed’s blog? If you’re after SAP career, subscribe to his blog to get information on upcoming SAP trends. You’ll see his great reviews on SAP trainings on the blog. This is primarily a video blog where you’ll see John Reed to talk about different SAP skills, new SAP certification programs, SAP pricing guides, SAP career options, new SAP solutions and their use for business users, etc.

Marks Solution’s Blog

We don’t think it’ll be fair to finish the list without mentioning Marks Solution’s SAP blog. Their simple and interactive user platform is indeed a great information point and makes it one of the most engaging SAP blogs to get overviews and reviews of different SAP technology implementations.

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