5 of the Best SAP ABAP Tutorials in 2016

Traditional training workshops in SAP ABAP can be expensive and inconvenient.  For this reason, online tutorials are gaining traction. You can work from the comfort of your own home and sometimes even luck out with a free tutorial (or a tutorial that costs peanuts compared to a regular course).  We scoured the internet and gathered the 5 best SAP ABAP Tutorials for your convenience. Here they are:

SAP ABAP Tutorials make learning and achieving your goal easier

1. Guru 99

Guru 99 is really convenient if you are looking to save money, because it’s completely free!  They pride themselves on providing a ‘fun and engaging’ course. They separate the tutorial into six sections, starting from ABAP Fundamentals and building up to transferring data.  They also provide a prerequisite course for SAP beginners if needed.

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2. UDemy

While this tutorial is a little more pricey at $299, it comes with a lot of benefits in return compared to other SAP ABAP tutorials.  UDemy is taught by an experienced instructor and uses video clips to teach the material, which takes you step by step through the whole process—including SAP specific concepts and language terms.  The program emphasizes its thorough teaching technique, slowly by building from the basics up. At the end of the tutorial, you will be familiar with creating codes and be ready to work in a professional environment.  These tutorials are recommended for beginners with some knowledge of SAP.


3. SAP ABAP For Dummies

This tutorial is great for serious students who are willing to put in the time and effort.  It is recommended for those who are looking to have a career in SAP.  Key concepts are also taught step by step in this program which makes it easier for students without much computer programming experience to jump in.  The tutorial is separated into 12 sections, starting with an overview and moving forward with each of the following sections a different topic.


4. SAP Online Tutorials

This program is essentially a report that provides straightforward steps, and SAP-specific terms on a simple webpage, and is really good for people who don’t care for about fluffy video clips. The explanations are clear and comprehensive, making understanding the material easy.  The program also supplies a list of possible job interview questions that can be used when applying for a job in SAP ABAP.


5. SAP Technical

SAP Technical is also very straightforward, though it includes screenshots of every step, making it easier for the students to follow along.  There is a ‘dictionary’ with all the topics on a list, making it possible to start from whatever point the student desires.  Though the website is not fancy, its effective and fast to get through, and not to mention, free.


Anyone Can Use Them

SAP ABAP tutorials can be easily accessed online and convenient even for those with  limited experience in computer programming.  Whether you are a college student trying to get ahead, or a professional trying to keep up with new technology, these online tutorials are the best in the business, and will get you up to speed quickly.

Good luck and happy learning!

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