3 Tips to Lower the Cost of Training Employees in SAP

Training employees to use SAP programs for the first time doesn’t have to cause a headache. Following a few basic steps can efficiently ease new and existing staff through the training process. Below we’ve listed 3 great tips to unlock hidden cost-cutting opportunities in your SAP employee training programs. Here we go:


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Tip #1: Initial Training Workshop

Introduce employees to SAP systems through training, but don’t expect everything to stick.


Of course, employees will need an initial introduction to SAP. However, intensive focus training on SAP doesn’t always produce the best results. According to a study conducted by Festo, after several days, people only remember about 30% of what they’ve learned. This then begs the question: How do you make sure your employees learn and retain information on how to effectively use SAP? Let’s take a look at a few ways to reinforce information presented during the initial training phase…


Tip #2: Hands-on Learning and Continued Education

Reinforce training with hands-on experience and update employees about new system features.


Although employees won’t remember everything after training, they can reinforce what they’ve learned with hands-on experience and continued education. Everyone learns differently, and many of us recall information better through hands-on learning. After training, employees should begin getting a feel for SAP system by trying out some basic tasks on their own. As they progress, continued education reinforces information already learned and teaches employees new software updates and changes.


Tip #3: Use On-Screen Guidance Technology

Online guidance and engagement platforms train new employees and update existing employees.


In the end, you want to train employees well enough so they can fully handle using SAP’s advanced functionalities on their own. Online guidance and engagement platforms like Walkme help employees navigate intricate software independently. As employees work, they receive immediate, on-screen, step-by-step guidance, helping them successfully perform their most important tasks.

Online guidance and engagement software assists in onboarding new employees, reducing the need for extensive training programs. Rather than require a staff to train each and every new hire, employers can rely on guidance technology to train employees at any time and as often as necessary. This type of assistance saves time, reduces training costs, and increases employee productivity.


The program also serves as a type of continued education program. It trains existing employees on software changes, reducing the time needed for employees to understand an updated version with new features.Designing an efficient SAP training program has many added benefits for your company. A training program tailored to the needs of employees will shorten training times and cut learning curves. In addition, interactive guidance software will save company resources for training, get new and existing employees up to speed quickly, and reduce errors and interruptions. In the end, proper training and continued education pays for itself.


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